FinTech • Mobile • Internship

tanamduit —
Streamlining the Investment Process

Using learnings from user research & testing to improve the mutual funds investing process. tanamduit is an Indonesian investment startup; users can invest in mutual funds, government bonds, gold, and insurance safely and securely through tanamduit's mobile app.

January - March 2021

 Skills + Tools

UX/UI Design, UX Research, User Testing, Figma

Ayu Erlanda, Ferry Aprilianto, Cliff Christopher


What is the project brief?

tanamduit’s users have trouble browsing and purchasing the investment products offered by tanamduit. Users who are new to the app and investing may not know which product to purchase (invest in), and how their investments could contribute to their long term life/personal finances. How can users find and purchase the correct investment product based on their personal finance goals?

Using this starting question, I worked on improving these 3 experiences for the user:
  • Searching and filter products
  • Exploring/browsing new products
  • Receiving tailored recommendations

Current design for tanamduit’s products & product details page


What is the current user journey?

As I was new to investing, I had to quickly learn and understand the problem space — including investment vocabulary, tanamduit products, and the general investing process. 

Secondary Research—Understanding the investing process by reading articles, watching videos and investment app reviews.

Surveys — Surveying tanamduit employees and users to understand which aspects of the mutual funds investing process users have the most trouble with, and which information is most important during the investing process.

Interviews— Casual interviews with 4 investment app users to better understand the thought process and decision making during the investment process.

Competitive Analysis—Trying out and conducting competitive analysis on other Indonesian and non-Indonesian investment apps.

Sample questions from the survey




Users find it difficult to decide which product to invest in.

The 3 most important factors when deciding to invest are yield, price/unit, risk level



Users decide which app and agent (mutual funds manager) to use based on past habits and recommendations.

There are 2 user modes; those who are browsing for products to try, and those that are searching for specific products and information/features.

Initial Designs

1) Products Page

Original Design

Concept 1

Showing a each product category as tabs; user can switch categories at the top and content will change accordingly. Allows user to see more content without an extra click.
Concept 2

Showing a each product category as sections within a page with subcategories.

2) Product Details Page

Original Design

Concept 1

Rather than show all the product details in one card, I opted to have an expanding card — therefore allowing more products to be shown in the initial page when the user wants to scan and search at a glance.
Card Detail Experimentation

Experimenting on what product information to show and how; data shown is on based research insights.

Feedback + Narrowing Down

After internal user testing and design reviews, I came to a few conclusions;

  • Decided to drop the tabs categorization concept as it would be more complicated to decide parameters and design for how the content & elements in each tab would change and adjust.
  • My supervisors felt that the current categorization of the products page was too tied down to the current product categories (mutual funds, bonds, gold, and insurance). Instead they pushed me to think outside the box and figure out ways to show the products as they are relevant to the user — personalized and based on user expertise and user goals.
  • Suggestions to show more educatinal/informative aspects to help user.

Final Experience

Note: gifs may take a moment to load, appreciate your patience ☻

An introduction to the redesign.

A short tutorial for new users as well as to introduce the new layout.

The first two sections act as starting points for new and beginner investors, structuring investment products based on the user’s goals. 
  • “for beginner investors”
  • “what are you saving up for?”

For seasoned investors
and new learners.

  • Beginners can use the first two sections as starting points.
  • Whilst experienced users can scroll to the bottom to see product categories, or use the bottom nav bar with the 4 main product categories.

Additional features

  • Products are categorized based on risk level, with new categories.
  • Education/blogs feature at the bottom.

Easily find the products for you

Making important information more accessible for the user
  • Descriptions for each product category and subcategory → increasing education.
  • Product risk level as tabs at the top → making important info more accessible
  • Expanding cards to show a preview of the product’s 1 year yield → making important info more accessible to the user, reducing a click.
  • ‘Buy’ and ‘Compare products’ buttons at the bottom → brought from product details page, reducing a click.

More powerful filtering options

  • Sort by yield duration, highest yield, A-Z, price/unit, total AUM (asset under management)
  • Info button to show glossary of terms.
  • Tags for certain categories like syariah, environmentally friendly, and the minimum purchase price(s).