tanamduit Internship
2021 • UX/UI Design
Mentor/Supervisors — Ayu Erlanda, Ferry Aprilianto, Cliff Christopher
Tools + Skills — User Research, User Testing, Wireframing, Interface Design, Figma
Duration — 2 months
Using learnings from user research & testing to improve the mutual funds investing process. tanamduit is an Indonesian investment startup; users can invest in mutual funds, government bonds, gold, and insurance safely and securely through tanamduit's mobile app. ​​​​​​​
tanamduit's users have trouble browsing and purchasing the investment products offered by tanamduit. Users who are new to the app and investing may not know which product to purchase (invest in), and how their investments could contribute to their long term life/personal finances. How can users find and purchase the correct investment product based on their personal finance goals?
Using this question, I worked on improving these 3 experiences for the user:
• Searching and filter products
• Exploring/browsing new products
• Receiving tailored recommendations
Please note that since tanamduit is an Indonesian app, I will be translating the relevant UI components.
Current Products Page
Current Mutual Funds Products Page
The user reaches this page by clicking on 'mutual funds' from the products page on the left.
As I was new to investing and mutual funds, I had to quickly learn and understand the problem space — including industry specific vocabulary, tanamduit products, and the general investing process.  These were my research methods:
Secondary Research—Understanding the investing process by reading articles, watching videos and investment app reviews.
Surveys — Surveying tanamduit employees and users to understand which aspects of the mutual funds investing process users have the most trouble with, and which information is most important during the investing process. 
Interviews— Interviews with 4 investment app users to better understand the thought process and decision making during the investment process.
Competitive Analysis—Trying out and conducting competitive analysis on other Indonesian and non-Indonesian investment apps.
• Users find it difficult to decide which product to invest in.
• The 3 most important factors when deciding to invest are yield, price/unit, risk level
• Users decide which app and agent (mutual funds manager) to use based on  past habits and recommendations from their social circle.
• There are two user modes; users who are browsing for products to try, and those that are searching for specific products and information/features.
First design —
Product type at the top as tabs, with individual products listed below under popular and recommended sections.
Second design—
Each section shows products type and its subcategories.
Experimentations on card designs for the mutual funds products. The hierarchy of the data shown is based on my initial surveys that showed product yield/year (in %) is the most important factor.
Previous Products Page Flow
New Products Page Flow
I worked off of the second design's layout, but instead of dividing each section into categories, the first two sections of this page are prompts for the user to get started — "for beginner investors" "what are you saving up for?"  —below that are the investment product categories and further reading/news. 
Previous Mutual Funds Page Flow
New Mutual Funds Page Flow
For beginner investors, there are now short descriptions on what each category of product is (mutual funds, stocks, etc.). 
Search & Filtering Options
Onboarding / Tutorial
Don't be afraid to be unrealistic
As this was my first experience interning as a UI/UX designer, I had my pre-concieved expectations and ended I boxing myself in to create designs that were realistic and easy-to-deploy. Fortunately my team encouraged me to try different layouts and ideas that were drastically different and to constantly reiterate. 

Startup pace is fast
As an intern I had to be proactive and conduct my own research, however, at times I felt like I didn't have enough research to move forward to the design phase. However I learnt to be thoughtful and be decisive with the limited time and info that I had.​​​​​​​