Passport 1.5 — Personalized Dashboard & Onboarding
2022 • UX/UI Design
Mentor/Supervisors — Michael Mok, Anubhav Sharma, Alec Wright
Tools + Skills — Interface Design, Figma​​​​​​​
Designing a personalized experience for Passport's over 72k users. Passport is a platform by OneValley that empowers startups by providing resources such as perks, mentorship, funding, and events. I worked with the design team to update the existing Passport and OneValley branding, and create a personalized onboarding and dashboard experience that would better tailor content to the users' goals and would increase discovery and retention.
During my time at OneValley, I was able to work on their main B2C platform, Passport. Previous to this 1.5 update, Passport had not been updated in 1-2 years since it's initial launch, and since then the platform has grown tremendously, reaching a 47% growth in 2021 prior to the 1.5 launch in 2022. Passport version 1.5 will also act as an in-between to Passport 2.0, which is planned to have more personalized content and features.​​​​​​​
In Passport's current design, popular features such as perks, mentors, events, and network had page shortcuts at the top. Latest Perks were the first feature highlighted, as perks was the most popular feature of the platform. The visual design was outdated and there were some redundancies between the highlighted features and the navigation bar, creating an overall clunky experience.
Based on previous user research done by the team, several features with low engagement needed to be highlighted better so that users could see their value. 
Following these insights, I began working with the design team and PM to design a new dashboard and onboarding experience that would have content personalization options based on 4 common user goals.
As there have been plans to update Passport for awhile, I was fortunate to be able to reference and bounce back from past designs and ideas done by the design team and my supervisors. I also worked to gather and coalesce these previous design elements into updated branding and components for Passport 1.5
The updated onboarding would inquire relevant verticals to the user's startup — industry, startup stage, and whether they are a non-profit. This data would then inform the content shown in each section of the platform. E.g. a user from a Fintech Startup would be shown mentors & perks useful for Fintechs, and Fintech related news.
The updated dashboard would have a number of new features:
Recently Viewed section so that users could pick up from where they left off last session -> actionable next steps, more engagement
Recommended Perks section at the top -> better highlighting and tailoring the platform's top performing feature
• Large banner for VC Connect  -> highlighting this feature and the benefits from it, following the feature being no longer being 100% behind a paywall.
Startup News & Startup Community -> new section to increase community and engagement
Furthermore, all features with upgrade options now have an extra CTA so that the user will be aware of the ability and benefits of upgrading.
Similarly, the Perks page was also updated to have the same 'Recommended Perks' section, as well as updates to the cards design.
Be adaptable, and be open to constant reiteration.
As I and the design team would take turns working in this project in between juggling our other projects and responsibilities, I had to be adaptable and be willing to constantly reiterate.

Note-take! and be thoughtful throughout the design process.
Note-taking on my design ideas and thoughts, asking for constant feedback from the team, as well as taking time to think through decisions was helpful in making sure the designs I made were thoughtful to the project's context, as I was working on this project working in between other projects and to make sure that the work and thought I had put into this project could easily be handed off to future designers/for future work.