Hello~ thank you for visiting my portfolio! 
My name's Shahira Noerdin, but I usually go by Sasha. I'm a designer who enjoys designing playful and elegant solutions to tricky problems. I'm interested in UX/UI, Interaction Design, and Product Design roles. 
Currently I'm based in SF/Bay Area, but I'm originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. I've also lived in Seattle, WA for 4 years where I attended University of Washington (graduated 2021).
As a designer, I would like to take an interdisciplinary approach. I enjoy visual design and perfecting my craft as a designer, however, I also enjoy the research process and learning about the problem space and user. Some other things I'm interested within design include: 
• VR/AR.
• Design relating to the urban environment, cities, and public transit. 
• Fashion! including wearable tech.​​​​​​​
• Data/information visualization