about me
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Hello~ thank you for visiting my portfolio! 
My name's Shahira Noerdin, but I usually go by Sasha. I'm familiar with leading the end-to-end design process of web & mobile products — conducting and planning research, defining the experience architecture, to fine-tuning the end user experience. I'm interested in UX/UI, Interaction Design, and Product Design roles. 
Currently I'm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I've also lived in Seattle, WA for 4 years when I attended University of Washington (graduated 2021), as well as the San Francisco Bay Area, CA for 2 years.
As a designer, I would like to take an interdisciplinary approach. I enjoy visual design and perfecting my craft as a designer, however, I also enjoy the research process and learning about the problem space and user. 

Interested in how design can intersect with;
• The urban environment, cities, and public transit. 
• Fashion! including wearable tech.
• Data/information visualization
Outside the 9-5;
• Studying N4 level Japanese
• Watching and logging the films I like
• Trying to watercolor paint and draw anytime I can
• Probably chilling at a park or thrifting