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I'm Sasha, and I strive to craft eye-catching & elegant experiences that resonate with the user. Product Designer currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Passport 1.5 — Personalized Dashboard & Onboarding
Designing a personalized onboarding and dashboard experience for Passport's 72k+ users. Passport is platform by OneValley that empowers startups by providing resources such as mentorship, funding, and events.
AdoRing — Integrated Smart Ring & Mobile App
AdoRing is a integrated app and smart ring system that aims to maintain a couple's physical and mental wellbeing while being apart in a long distance relationship.
tanamduit Internship — Streamlining the Investment Flow
Using learnings from user research & testing to improve the mutual funds investing process in the tanamduit mobile app. tanamduit is an Indonesian investment startup; users can invest in mutual funds, government bonds, gold, and insurance safely and securely through tanamduit's mobile app.
Chord — Reimagining How We Share Memories
Chord is a low-energy, low-stakes yet meaningful approach to interpersonal connection for van-dwellers.
Research on Gaming Behaviors
Research conducted with players of multiplayer action games, aged 18-22 years old, to find out how players become attached to and nurture a gaming hobby.
MEMO — Designing for Dementia
Memo is an integrated system to support communication and safety for the day-to-day lives of people living with dementia (PLWD) and their caregivers.